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VMA Parent Success Program

Unique to the VMA School experience is the Parent Success Program that is designed to enhance opportunities for the Parents and Families of VMA students. The Parent Success Program uses a Two Generational Approach that supports parents focusing on their personal, professional and educational goals while investing in their children’s education and development.


The Parent Success Program has a strengths based ideology that places an emphasis on Wellness, Adult Education and Career Advancement, Money Management/Financial empowerment. The VMA Fatherhood Initiative has a strong Spoken Word and Artistic Expression component, and is aligned with our Visible Men Success Role Modeling Curriculum to promote engaged and responsible fatherhood.


Every Tuesday evening from 4:30 pm-7:00 pm throughout the school year, VMA offers free Parenting Classes and family dinners. Parents that participate in the program earn scholarship credits that can be used towards After School Sunshine Program Fees, Uniforms, Gas Cards, Case Management, Job Search Assistance and more. Childcare and Food is provided at every Parent Class free of charge.


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Click HERE for more information on this year’s Parent Success Calendar for Saturday Success.


The Parent Success Program is delivered through community partnerships with organizations that provide a service, expertise and mission that directly supports our families and students. Visible Men Academy was honored by it’s invitation to join the Aspen Ascend Network of Innovative Two Generation leaders committed to disrupting poverty and creating economic mobility for families.


Our VMA Families help our school community SHINE!


To learn more about VMA Parent Engagement and Support Initiatives please contact Shannon Rohrer-Phillips, MSW, Co-Founder, Director of Student and Family Services at [email protected] or by calling 941-758-7588.