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VMA School model

There are five (5) essential components that drive the VMA school model.


(1) Single-gender (all boys):
There is emerging and increasingly definitive research that reveals that, when considering boys from lower-income backgrounds, single-gender classrooms and school environments are highly beneficial in the ways they impact student academic and social development. Each of our classrooms is led by teachers who demonstrate outstanding instruction on a daily basis designed specifically to meet the unique development needs of boys.


(2) Extended day and year:
Our 8.5 hour school day provides staff with an additional 90 minutes of instruction focused on remediation for students that are falling behind academically, as well as enrichment for advanced students that are ready for additional challenges. In order to facilitate the highest level of learning, we have extended the school year from the traditional 180 days to 205 days. The additional days in the classroom include school in session one Saturday per month and three weeks of school added onto the traditional school year. The longer school day and extended school year means that, in all, VMA students spend approximately 32% more time in school than their peers in traditional public schools.


(3) Visible Men Success Curriculum:
The purpose of the Visible Men Success Curriculum is to immerse boys in the study of success through the lives of contemporary male role models. This emphasis on success imagery exists to provide boys with vast exposure to future possibility. By expanding school-aged boys vision of possible personal, family, professional, and civic options, the curriculum helps to invest them in their futures. As this attachment strengthens, it increases the likelihood that young boys will make healthy decisions and display good judgment on a day-to-day basis. They are more committed to a constructive present in order to protect a bright future. This is the cornerstone of the Visible Men character development philosophy and approach.


(4) Data-Driven Instructional Environment:
The entire VMA staff utilizes specialized interim assessment tools to monitor and drive the effectiveness of their instruction. Assessments and feedback are analyzed continually through the blended learning platform. Student Assessments will be conducted weekly, monthly and quarterly aligned with the Common Core Sunshine State Standards. Data will be used to determine which standards need to be re-taught and whether the teacher’s scope and sequence plan needs to be revised.


(5) An Administration & Faculty deeply connected to unique VMA mission:
VMA views this as an indispensable characteristic, as it sets cultural competency and sensitivity as priorities. Our school leaders and teachers constantly strive to understand and appreciate the family, economic, cultural, and social backgrounds of our students, and they are intrinsically drawn to work with our student population. This is and will always be an essential standard for our administrators and teachers.

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