VMA Values Parent Engagement.

At Visible Men Academy, we value our parents and caregivers and see them as the single most important partners in ensuring our students succeed. Our parent engagement philosophy is based on mutual respect and strong relationships between VMA staff and families. We believe positive communication between home and school will help each VMA student and family thrive.

VMA parents are highly involved in their son’s school experience. Each new enrollee signs a Parent Participation Contract and makes a pledge to follow the VMA code of conduct. As partners, parents have constant access to their child’s teacher, school work, and school leaders through conferences, weekly agendas, online teacher blogs, volunteer opportunities, and school-based activities.

Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Code of Conduct

Contract Violations & Administrative Review: Download PDF

Parent Right To Know Letter:

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Home-School Compact

Unique to the VMA School experience is the Parent Success Program that is designed to support the parents and families of VMA students. The Parent Success Program uses a Two Generational Approach that supports parents focusing on their personal, professional, and educational goals while investing in their children’s education and development.

Where is the school?

VMA is located at 921 63rd Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34203. VMA leases the facility from the Beth Messiah Messianic Synagogue. While the church is supportive of our efforts, we are not a faith-based school and have no religious teachings.

What time does school start?

The VMA School Hours are from 8:15 am – 3:15 pm.
Operational Hours are 7:20 am – 5:30 pm.
Students should arrive no later than 7:30 if they are having Breakfast. It is very important for students to arrive on school on time. Early pick-ups are only acceptable in the event of a written medical appointment.

Is lunch provided?

Yes. Visible Men Academy receives Community Eligibility and every student that attends VMA receives free breakfast and lunch prepared at Sara Scott Harllee Middle School.

Is there aftercare?

Yes. Visible Men Academy offers the SunSHINE After School Program. The program offers Enrichment Activities, tutoring, and mentoring. After School takes place Monday-Friday, 3:30pm-5:00pm.

In addition, VMA has partnered with and provides transportation to the Boys and Girls Club of DeSoto. If you would like more information, contact:

Leann Frink, Club Director

(O) 941-758-3828

5231 34th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34210

Is there tuition?

No. Visible Men Academy is a tuition-free public charter school for boys who reside in Manatee or Sarasota County, FL.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. VMA provides transportation options to students in both Manatee and Sarasota County, FL.

Are uniforms required? If so, what are they, and how are they obtained?


Wearing a school uniform is important because it reflects the school's discipline standards. It is also known that putting on school uniforms improves student performance by eliminating unnecessary distractions over attire.

Each student at Visible Men Academy is required to wear his uniform Monday - Friday.

The VMA Uniform consists of the following:

  • VMA issued polo style shirt with VMA logo
  • White, Gray, or Light Yellow polo style (collared) shirt
  • Khaki shorts or pants (No Cargo shorts)
  • VMA T-shirt
  • Belts (Brown or Black only) must be worn everyday at all times
  • Socks must be worn and should be solid white or black. No other colors are accepted
  • Uniforms must be clean, fit correctly, free of holes, tears, and discolorations

Casual T-shirts, Jeans, Black, Navy, Gray or any other colored pants, shorts or shirts are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Uniforms should be clean, and not ripped or torn.

Uniforms can be ordered from the front office in the mornings, and picked up in the afternoons. Uniform shirts are $10. Transactions will not be made during student arrivals or dismissals.

What are the unique features of the school?

  • Single-gender learning environment (all boys)
  • Emphasis on character and social development
  • Blended learning environment with an emphasis on educational technology
  • Administrators and faculty personally connected to the school mission

Why an all boys school?

We believe that VMA students benefit from being in a school environment that is designed specifically around the unique ways that boys learn. Research increasingly shows that boys benefit from a learning atmosphere that understands their particular needs and interests, such as more breaks for physical activity, “hands-on” and project based learning activities, and expressing their knowledge in less structured ways. Also, an all boys school environment enables a safe atmosphere for boys to learn how to express themselves in more caring and constructive ways. The VMA daily schedule and instructional design encourages optimal learning and healthy self-expression.

How is technology utilized?

There is a major emphasis on educational technology. Each classroom is outfitted to serve a full class of students. Our school has laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, available for all students. The entire school has wireless internet access, with students and staff trained to adhere to technology use policy.

Who are the VMA teachers?

Visible Men Academy places special emphasis on the learning needs of young diverse boys. Teachers will demonstrate passion towards our mission, the highest level of competency & certification, innovative teaching styles, and commitment to exceptional student outcomes. VMA has a diverse group of teachers that vary across gender, race, and ethnic backgrounds. The staff selection process ensures that instructional talent is highly capable of connecting students with unique features of the Visible Men Academy program.

How Can I Submit a Complaint?

Objections to an administrative procedure or practice, board policy or decision may be addressed in the following way.

Make your concern known to the school Principal. Dr. Gehndyu will attempt to resolve the issue with you directly or may communicate your objection to any or all of the following regarding your concern:
Executive Board, Faculty Liaison, Parent Liaison

The Principal will work with you to find the resolution that is in the best interest of all parties and will communicate progress with you periodically.