Dr. Janjay Gehndyu, Ed. D., Principal

Lori D. Benton, Director of Community Engagement & Development (lori@vmacademy.org)

Sandra Figueroa, Bookkeeper (sandra@vmacademy.org)

Clancey Hernandez, Administrative Assistant for Principal/Registrar (chernandez@vmacademy.org)

Jay Lockaby, VP of Community Engagement & Development (jlockaby@vmacademy.org)

William Pacheco, Head Custodian (wpacheco@vmacademy.org)

Maria Santiago, Bus Driver (msantiago@vmacademy.org)

Diego Velasco, Dean of Students (dvelasco@vmacademy.org)

Instructional Staff

Tanisha Knight, Kindergarten Teacher (tknight@vmacademy.org)

Jimmy Don “JD” Moore, First Grade Teacher (jdmoore@vmacademy.org)

Anthony Willis, Second Grade Teacher (awillis@vmacademy.org)

Michelle Bauman, Third Grade (mbauman@vmacademy.org)

Greg Vogel, Third Grade (gvogel@vmacademy.org)

Ceslo Mendez-Aviles, Fourth Grade Teacher (cmendez@vmacademy.org)

Idanelis Ferrera, Fifth Grade Teacher (iferrera@vmacademy.org)

Diego Velasco, Fifth Grade Teacher (dveleasco@vmacademy.org)

Jackie Gehndyu, Special Education Coordinator (jgehndyu@vmacademy.org)

Rebekah Lang, ESE Specialist (rlang@vmacademy.org)

Desmond Blue, Physical Education Teacher (dblue@vmacademy.org)

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors values the opinions of our parents and welcomes feedback. If you have a complaint, or would like an item added to our Governing Board Agenda, please contact our Board Chairman, Naiema Frieson at naiema@vmacademy.org

Download minutes, 990s and budgets here.

Naiema T. Frieson, Board Chair (naiema@vmacademy.org)

Melissa Dunlap, Board Member (mdunlap@vmacademy.org)

Marilyn Kline, Board Member (mkline@vmacademy.org)

Jeff Meyer, Board Member (jmeyer@vmacademy.org)

Dilicia Navarro, Parent Representative (dnavarro@vmacademy.org)

Willitone Petit, Board Member (wpetit@vmacademy.org)

Tara Sall, Board Member (tsall@vmacademy.org)

Dr. Janet Taylor, MD, MPH, Board Member (jtaylor@vmacademy.org)

Greg Vogel, Teacher Representative (gvogel@vmacademy.org)

Earnest Wilks, Board Member (ewilks@vmacademy.org)

Mr. Louis Parker
Co-Founder & Emeritus Board Member